August 22, 2016

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As soon as I heard about the Small N Great project connecting US students to their peers in Haiti I knew this would be a great fit for our school. The multi-faceted nature of this project engages kids deeply and gives them real insight into life in Haiti as well as building strong academic skills across a wide-variety of disciplines.

Kara McClellan, Ed. M.   Director, Willits Elementary Charter Schoolkhubalogotiny

This project fits so well with our school’s emphasis on integrating subject areas and fostering an awareness of other cultures around the world. It’s wonderful that the Small N Great program creates curriculum that teaches students about the Haitian landscape and culture each week. Already, they know a lot about plate tectonics and volcanic activity below the ocean’s surface, and they are very excited to read the letters from their pen pals. It’s very hands-on and personal. I know it’s going to be a great learning experience for them.

Christine Felton  2nd Grade Teacherkhubalogotiny

Our first grade class is engaged in unique pal correspondence with children in Haiti through our Haiti Project. Students have written letters, created videos, learned cultural dance and engaged in tactile geography curriculum in their learning about Haiti. The students created a model of Haiti using salt-dough, and will soon work on Haiti’s landscape, identifying forested and deforested areas, mountainous regions, as well as major waterways, fault lines and volcanoes. The students envision themselves as world-travelers and are eager to learn about other cultures in meaningful ways through their connections with pen pals. This is the stuff that future diplomacy is made of.

Ashkan Nahreine  1st Grade Teacherkhubalogotiny