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Planet Kidizen

Planet Kidizen fills the enormous gap between parental consumer need and the available platforms that support the development of well-rounded, communicative, knowledgeable, service-oriented children. Parents in the U.S. and around the world are in dire need of support in giving their children viable avenues to participate in beneficial work that not only enriches the child, but gives them valuable training in societally-beneficial, outwardly-focused activity like community service, environmental protection, and relationship-building.

Small N Great

Small N Great is a sub-organization of Planet Kidizen, Inc., supporting its overall purpose to support children and families in their efforts to become knowledgeable, caring and active world citizens.
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The Learning Farm

The Learning Farm is a tech-forward agriculture and life science learning organization with a goal to have multiple locations to support a deeper understanding of food systems and the natural world for all children around the globe.

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Planet Kid Juice

At Planet Kid Juice, nothing is more important to us than the safety and quality of our juice. We are constantly mindful that millions of people will trust us each day to provide safe, wholesome juice to their families. 

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Bright Traveler

Fun for the whole family.  Learn about various global cultures, and advance across the globe as you gain points by connecting with locals, learning new languages and protecting the local environments you travel to.

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Create A Community

Members use virtual community building blocks such as community aquatics centers, wildlife preserves, children’s libraries, skate parks, to build their ideal communities in a Virtual Reality realm. Game currently in development.

Our Programs

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